A Few Simple Questions About Instruments

Hi everybody, been working with Renoise for a couple of days now and I really like it, I still have some problems with the effect column (problems = I dont know how it works) and (alot of) questions, but that will sort out soon too I guess.
So anyways I have a couple of questions about some aspects of instruments, please be gentle :)

  1. Is it possible to “trace back” an instrument in the instrument category including the path where the instrument is located on my harddrive?
    Say I have experimented with different bass drums for a song and finally found one, and have put it into the instrument category. How can I look up where that instrument is located on my hard drive? If yes, how? Or will I have to copy + paste it to every new track I want to use the instrument with? :)

  2. How can I change the volume of one instrument / sample in only one pattern and not the whole instrument volume itself? By the effect column? If yes, how? :)

Last but not least: Is it (somehow) possible to “import” the sounds of the Mario Paint Composer program (http://www.unfungames.com/mariopaint/) or will I have to play a single sound note of the instruments I want to use, record it with, say Audacity, and then load it to Renoise?

Vincent :)

  1. no, you could search, with the windos search tool, for the filename.

  2. If you mean to change the volume for one track, you can do it in the mixer and with the volume slider in the bottom section of renoise (in the Track DSPs tab)
    If you want to change the volume of the sample itself, go to the sample editor and press the clock-a-like button (F10 wil also bring you here).

the mariopaint question, don’t know yet.

there is software that rips .wav files from nes and snes roms.
try a search on this website: http://www.zophar.net

when I started out with trackers, my very first samples were ripped
from various snes roms. my guess is those sounds in mario paint
can easily be gathered and since the composer tool in the game just
pitches the sample, you won’t need to record every single note for
each sample.

good luck!

Hey thanks for your answers but I don’t know the filename of the certain instrument I’m looking for, that’s why the windows search tool (if you mean Windows as in the Microsoft OS Windows XP/Vista). And looking for the instrument in Renoise doesnt give me any results either + i cba to look in every folder for it.

And no what I was trying to say with changing the volume was that I want to change it just for one track in ONE pattern, not the whole track over the whole song. :)

BotB thank you so much for the link, the software is SICK!! I’ve been looking for stuff like this for a long time :)

Well for your second question, you could either automate what dr drips mentioned with the volume slider, or select the pattern and use advanced pattern edit, (on the right hand side) click on vol/pan/delay effects and set what you want the volume to be.

As for your first question, I don’t think you can trace it back, but it shouldn’t be that hard to find though? I think Mr. Drips meant about using the search tool in the disk browser.

Also, bear in mind that if you want that instrument in another renoise file, you can load it from the .xrns. (If you click on an xrns file in the disk browser, you will find that you can load instruments and samples.)

Hope this helps?