A few small FR's

Hey guys, I haven’t posted on this forum before, though I have been using renoise for a while now, and there is a few small things I wanted to mention betfore the beta is over.

  1. Option to not vertically center the pattern editor to edit/input selection[/b]

I have seen this mentioned on the forum a while back. I find that always centering to mouse clicks/input selection to be quite distracting. It would be really nice if there was an option to turn it off, and then the screen would just stay where it is.

2. key command for the preference "separate edit and play position.

this would be really handy to just be able to toggle on and off quickly

3. Pitch offset for Multisample Instruments

Maybe I’m missing something, though I’ve found that if I’m using multisample instruments, there is no way to accurately offset the pitch, as the note pitch information is being allocated to the sample on that key now. Pitch glide doesn’t really work for nice accurate\clean repitching. THough maybe I’m missing something, though if not, I’ve always felt it to be something really useful.

4. The ability to have the instrument pane go the entire window height (ie, completely minimize the browser).

5. The ability to drag samples from the sample list to desktop.

This would be handy for working with audio across multiple apps, or rewire type setups.

Anway, those are just a few things over the years that seem to standout to me, cheers!


Well i do can acknowledge that the pitch modulation values translate very uncomfortable -1 to +1 values to either -12+12 or -96 to +96 semitones.
But global pitch correction is still best done using that option.

You can detach the instrument panel completely, thus also stretch it to all the far corners of your desktop resolution.

This is mapped to the ‘Scroll’ key by default. Search for ‘Toggle Follow Pattern’ in the Renoise prefs > Keys if you want to change it.

I’m not sure what you mean by global pitch correction - do you mean automating the sample root note or something? I didnt think i could do that.

If you mean the new detatachable instrument pane, yes I see that, although I’m talking about the instrument list, situated above the browser in the main window. There is a button to minimize the intrument pane and maximize the browser pane, what i would like is the opposite. THough maybe there is a window in the intrument editor now that I am missing

Yes, though I am not speaking about following the pattern during playback, I’m talking about the option in :preferences>gui>pattern sequencer>separate edit and play position. I’ve seen no ability to assigne that option to a key