A few "social" suggestions

Hey, people!

Anyone out there remember TiS (TraxInSpace)?

Those of you who does, probably share the same feelings as me, it was just great. We had a chat room where trackers could meet to discuss techniques, share ideas and form groups. (I do understand that the forum is a good alternative to chat rooms, but the real time chatting is still my fav. :) )

By the way, does the Renoise-“community” have it’s own irc-channel where they meet?

Oh oh !!! And before I forget… Instead of just downloading a song, and then giving it a 10-100% score, how about actually being able to Review a song? Example: a 1-10 score on quality, 1-10 on build up, 1-10 on originality etc. Just like in the old TiS B) Awww, how I miss TiS :unsure: didn’t even have to make music to just drop by and leave a few notes on a song you thought was nice…

Again, just a few suggestions :)

Hope anyone out there share the same views!

~Dufey :guitar: <—wishes he could play guitar :P

I’m one of that few who thinks TiS was great (and one of that as stupid as needed to pay to support the site)…

on with the questions:

1. chat channel
yes, ReNoise has its channel: IRCnet #ReNoise.
It’s been written a lot in the forum and in the links section, so please check out more things before asking <_< :P

2. song reviews
this has been discussed too (much longer ago, so you have an excuse, at last :) ). Phazze told me that there will be a more complete songs section in the future, where selected reviewers will review on a genre basis, because you know… that’s pretty annoying when you’ve put efforts for months in creating a 10’ progressive rock tune, and then a techno addict rates it as 10% because he expected to hear a progressive dance song :)

Hey, IT-Alien!

K thanks :) and yeah i’ll check out the search-feature before posting next time :ph34r: sorry

I’ll just check out that irc-channel then :D

~Dufey :yeah: