A few suggestions, for better recording and management

I love Renoise its now the allmost the only Daw I use.

What and where Renoise still lacks a little is in the live recording to pattern notes.
These things have been suggested before but I write this as a reminder, because I have not seen some of them for a loong loong time.

1. Improved quantisize

When you quantisize, it will also quantisize the noteoffs to the same setting as the notes.

Often the most important thing to quantisize is the hit.
But the noteoff also getting adjusted creates a very mechanic sound, as I allmost allways record every song live and use quantisize I also allways have to move the noteoffs manually each of them…This would not be needed.
Its is a tedious process that can be avoided in many other daws.

Individual quantisize settings for the note, and the noteoff is much wanted.

Finer resolution.

Would also be great if you could set it to finer resolution than just 1.
If you could set it to 1/2 etc would be great.

Several “songs” in one

  1. Ability to have several songs in one song. Have been suggested before. Just wanted to say that I imagine this as tabs on top of the pattern list to the left.

This would also give you a sketch areas to which you could record and keep variations and solos, cut drums from other songs etc and keep your final song clean.
(It could get interesting if you were able to play one or more songs at the same time. Its not needed since it might be some work to code if they have different groove settings and temp etc.)

Record until you get it right

  1. Ability to live record notes with destructive/overwriting recording.
    You create a take, on one pattern and do it until you get it right. Without mixing with a wrong take.

As for count down until recording. (This is not really needed as you can loop a pattern, or start it from the end.)

So yeah.

Those three things.

Other things that would be great would be ability to select smaller parts such as only the note or delay column.

Maybe something useful someone could do as a plugin if the feel like it.
Would be to apply advanced operations only to not muted tracks.

Very useful when you want to do an operation to the entire song but not to a few tracks, like the drums.

Keep up the good work

Some nice suggestions there!

This one jumps out as the one I would most want if I had to pick one. Being able to combine elements from different xrns`s starts to open up a whole creative pallette!

I agree with Ledger, recently I’ve done a lot of combining of fragments from various different songs and a feature like this would have saved me hours.

Indeed some of the best requests in here of which most look like they are doable.
I think if you can open multiple renoises, and they share clipboards, point 2 is basically good right? (If they can share soundcard too, yeah, brilliant!)
And about the record/quantize feat I’m not really sure but I suspect the quantize does not take into account a preset track output delay?