A Few Suggestions


Renoise 1.8 RC is definetly very impressive. There are however a few things I’d love to see supported.

  • Propellerheads Recycle 2 import (Rex2 files). Propellerheads made the SDK avaiable some time ago allowing anyone to implement support for Rex2 files into their software at no cost for the developers.

  • Support for two monitors. This could (at the begninning atleast) be hardwired to the mixer view. There could be a option in the prefferences to automaticly detect more than one screen. Today anyone with a second screen can’t really use the extra space for anything really useful.

  • Full plugin delay compensation. Anyone who own UA UAD-1 cards, TC PowerCore, SSL Duende or Focusrite Liquid Mix can’t use it with Renoise (at best without going through alot of hassle).

  • Support for Mackie Control Universal. Just supporting volume and pan would be a huge improvement over not being able to use it at all. I believe Mackie make avaiable a SDK for implementing this support.

  • Better automation support.

  • Support for Audio Units on Os X. This one is really important as VST isn’t as widely supported as AU plugins on the mac platform.

  • Full support for multicore and multi cpu computers.

Thanks for reading!

most of these have been covered recently and have some big threads to prove it.

with the rex support idea, the team would have to get a license and it seems like the same issue with rewire support.
renoise is not a company so they can’t apply for it, at least this is how i understand it. blame the props for this.

and btw “Better automation support” doesn’t really say much.

about the two monitors:

I don’t have two monitors myself, but some other users do, and use them with Renoise. Did you test if you could send VST plugins windows to ther other monitor? This should be possible.

Yes, you can send vst to other monitor.
However if you close/open vst editor again then it’s centered on main monitor…

“- Better automation support”

“and btw “Better automation support” doesn’t really say much”

maybe he means a higher smoother resolution between ticks(?).
Since automation can really bring expressiveness to the vsti programming (sound) I also think it deserves more attention in Renoise. The way it is handled right now is good, but why not give automation the same space as the ‘sample editor’ or ‘mixer’. There needs to be serious brainstorming how this can be perfected.

yeah i totally agree pluggy-ex

i am a big automation user, so any improvements would be welcome.