A Few Suggestions.

Have been using 1.8.0 extensively and noticed a few things…

  1. Need to sort out the Instrument box. Add a feature to automatically wipe all the unused slots after you remove unreferenced instruments.

  2. The sampler needs to display the time of the sample in seconds.

That is all for now!

(apart from Beat Slicer, Colour coding of tracks, Arranger, etc etc :) )

Yes… and I’d like to add to that: a button to have the instrument list drop down! (it would be neat if it would integrate with the advanced edit when that is open?) Anyway, please make it resizable horizontally… some samples have really long, descriptive names.

I think I mentioned this elsewhere: I think being able to select multiple instruments at once would help a lot with (re)grouping samples.

Oh, and it would also be cool if instruments (and samples!) that are currently playing were highlighted in some way. Either a color or just a little 3x3 pixels dot, optionally of course… :)

Yes, and also playpos, and selection length.

And start & end of selection if you find space for it… how about an “Advanced” sample editor mode at some point that replaces top and/or bottom panels by detailed info and stats… e.g. a FFT of the current selection?