A Few Things To Remember When You Are Out There In The Field...



Holy sh*t, that was an SM58 as well!

Yeps always wear remote mics tied to your collar and you don’t have that crap :P
(He really swallowed the whole bulp! :blink: )

LOL!!! man, you got more on this? How did it end?

Not only did it get stuck it actually broadcasted his struggle for breath.

I noticed the positioning of the mic stand right away, but… :blink: :o

awfull but interesting footage.
not a nice thing that everybody gets an amplified sound of you puking out the mic.

One of the most funny clips I have ever seen…


Another funny thing is the apologizing gesture of the lady who causes him to swallow it.

Probably with the background idea that she knows how it feels when doing that for the first time :P