a few very minor suggestions

  1. to me, it would make more sense to show the MetaDevices (good work on this layout) at the bottom of the tree, below the VST plugs.

  2. autoplay samples/song, and autosave work are under audio - why? these definitely seem like things that would go under Misc, a section which is presently quite empty. i suppose you could argue that playing samples is something that is ‘audible’, but autosaving your work definitely isn’t ;)

Well, I would like to keep it where it next to the native effects as the meta device are a kind of native effects.

agree …

alright… my reasoning for the metadevice moving was simply that if you have all the trees open (and you have a lot of VSTs), it can be somewhat of a hassle to get to the metadevices.

that, and the metadevices work with both native effects and VSTs…

hey, how about the ability to drag around/rearrange the menu? B)