A Fix For The Chiptriangle That Comes With Renoise

I have always thought the chipTriangle instrument that comes with Renoise sounded awful, but never really realized why.
Now i understand. Looking at the sample it’s not a looping triangle wave at all, it’s a whole triangle cycle plus 1/10 or so.
It’s very easy to fix though, you may trim away the extra 1/10 or just move the loop marker,
but why is this instrument like this in the first place? It makes no sense to me.

When you cut the sample the instrument goes out of tune, so make sure to set basenote to F#3 and fine tuning to 11,
then you will get a close to perfectly pitched clean looping triangle.

cheers for info m8! Next time maybe phrase topic in terms of the solution! almost didnt ignored post as sounded like a childish rant! Content of post is solution oriented and topic title should reflect that. gr8 info though, thx again! :)

The samplepack that comes with the original Renoise application is assembled with contributions from several team and forum members.
I guess some of these samples weren’t really thoroughly processed before adding them.
I think it is time for a new samplepack, this time with keyzone instruments :)

I agree Tarek-FM, i didn’t think that one through. I made a new title now. :)

I always use the Chipsounds instruments, they’re very versatile, but i have always avoided the triangle. Not anymore. :D