A Free Ep

im so glad i found Renoise…

any criticism or feedback is very welcome…

hope you enjoy!

Just given this a listen. Quite nice stuff, doesn’t get stale and nicely progresses as an EP. Didn’t listen close enough to give a real critical analysis but I did enjoy it and am keeping it. :)

thanks for taking the time to reply mate, glad you like it.
for anyone else interested its been ‘released’ through this little netlabel
blah blah blah listen blah

clearly we have different ideas about what music actually is. but cheers for listening

its cool. dont say sorry. its good to get opinions.

wouldnt you agree with the statement “Music is organised sound” ?

The definition of music is something that people have been fighting over for long time. In my opinion, best definition of music is “The art of sound”. Fighting over whether harmony or melody or rhythm are the defining elements is in my opinion very similar with racism or other forms of similar purism where some unimportant aspects are considered to be the defining ones.

About the album though. For my ears this sounds better than Mozart, nice atmospheres there, even though I am not the biggest fan of IDM myself.

cheers for your thoughts Suva…

If i am understanding you correctly here, it seems to me you are hung up on the means of creating music, which to me is just silly because, is inputting musical notes and velocity and tempo and so forth into a tracker really that far removed from scoring a piano concerto with a fountain pen onto a stave? the end result is music, its just done with different technology via different means.
anyway just a thought…

i look forward to that day :yeah:

as im a oldskool jungelist i like a mix from you ![:)](https://files.renoise.com/forum/emoticons/default/smile.gif) started to listen to jungle 1996 (if i remember right) and still love drum&bass and its several subgenres,
but i still think the old stuff was even better, except neurofunk which i love.