A Freeware Pc Emulator

BOCHS is a freeware PC emulator.

This means that you can create a virtual machine on your computer, and install another Operating System on it.

Plus, this is freeware and quite easy to use. Just look at the example text configuration file to understand how to use it.

To emulate hard disk drives, cdroms and floppies, BOCHS can use both image files and phisical devices, and here you can find several images of pre-installed freeware operating systems for BOCHS, but of course you can also install your preferred OS.

Note extremely fast, though.

A nice, free (open source) one.

No, but what would you expect if you are running several instances of complete platforms that have to multithread the core CPU powers along it’s main host which is a platform as well?
But always nice to know there are free tools where you can run different platforms in it for checking cross compatability of your source code.

it’s useful for running impulse tracker on modern linux and os x boxen :P