A Function For "increasing Note Resolution"?


One thing I’ve noticed lacking in Reason is humanizing note positions - this obviously due to the tracking format of making tunes. AFAIK in “traditional” sequencers you can often customize the humanize function so that in addition to the function randomizing note velocities within user-set limit values (how many percentage can the value change, how many percentage of the notes get changed), you can also randomize the note positions similarly, so some percentage of the notes might get their position changed by, say, 0% up to 1/64th notes.

So, since this is a tad difficult to do with trackers, would it be possible to add a function where - after you first lay down the song in the basic (and practical) default values of speed 6, tempo x, which gives you a minimal hassle regarding the amount and length of patterns - could “increase the note resolution”. Basically it would just double or quadruple (or whatever) the pattern length and then rearrange the notes accordingly. After this you could double or quadruple the tempo accordingly and would have more “resolution” to fiddle with note positions and try to get a less quantized, more natural groove.

Is this feature already implemented? Or if it isn’t - is there any sense to this? :P

Sorry which program? :D

Anyway, you wanna look in the advanced edit section. Choose the “Whole song” option, then hit the “Expand” button as many times as is needed for 2x, 4x, etc. resolution. Now crank up your bpm to match.


Gah. :lol:

Anyway, thanks! Guess I should look more into the features. They just look so intimidating! :D

Nice. I have been playing with AE for a few days now. Some good stuff in there! Cheers for this tip