A Good Pads Vsti For Ambient?

anyone know of where I can get some nice pad sounds like the ones aphex twin uses in most of S.A.W.II (blue calx for example). there must be some good vsti out there.

There are so much vst plugs with good pads or room to make them…
Crystal is ofcourse one of them, but the lesss cpu intensive ones:
Superwave p8
Tim Conrardy’s Cygnus (krakli software)
Majken’s Chimera
Xosos pipe plug can also generate some nifty environmental audio.
Possibly that you can achieve a lot with synth1 as well.
Voyager can produce some great audio

Big tick’s plug do fine if you don’t mind using the default presets:
Rhino 1 and 2 demos have some nice pads as well.
Angeline may be of some help

All the above are free or have very little limitations.


Also Dimension Pro.
Just as important are the use of fx’s on these pads.
With first-class fx’s you can layer almost any simple vsti into a good pad sound.
Very few, if any of them has really good fx’s, especially good reverb.
But then again, not everyone can afford tape machines and Lexicon hardware…

thanks for all the suggestions, will look into that, So I should be able to re-create that aphex twin blue calx sound yes?


That should be pretty easy yes.
Also have a look at vsti’s like Albino and FM8 (FM7).
For that specific sound you where asking for, look for 5th. presets (or make 5th.'s manually, like C-4 and G-4 played at once).
You must use high quality reverb. For such long reverbs I would recommend a reverb that has modulation. Have a look at ArtsAcoustic Reverb. Or even try out the modulation in the EAX reverb in any SoundBlaster live card.

Zebra 2

wasn’t there one based on a geko? wouldn’t this be good for ambient? i forgot what it is now…

Usually one of both are played in the background and the other one is played on the foreground.

I second Zebra 2. I just can’t enough of this baby. It does it all, or at least most things.

hey i tried that zebra 2, i downloaded it off the official site and somthin goes wrong (a bug?) the notes play out randomly on each hit after a while? i don’t get it i looked at all the settings. found a few good warm pads that’s very simular to the ones on ‘selected ambient works II’ :yeah:

I live the ravity-synths. I heard them in a studio of one of my friends. they are not very cheap, though…

Yeah, that’s the “demo mode” in Zebra. Basically, Urs wanted ppl to still be able to save and work on presets and stuff before buying it, so he added that little quirk instead.

:angry: :( :( :( :(

looks like it’s gonna be another wallet damage time!

I know. It’s so worth it though, you won’t regret it. Go for the dinosaur crossgrade and you’ll get a decent discount as well. Easily the most multitalented and useful VSTi i’ve seen and used so far, and I still have to get deeper into making zebra FM patches.

What you call “decent”.
All those other people must be really mad to trade museum pieces for just 50 bucks!

Edit:Only providing a picture seems enough… So pick a Commodore 64 image (or pick your own partner) and paste the picture on it :P

I think this kind of stuff is a much better trade off:

Zebra II all the way - top notch synth there, just have some CPU power ready :)

lately I’ve been making renoise instrument pads, by looping short snipbits of samples and playing with the envelopes/ settings in the instr editor. Add a few fx on top, filter, delay, reverb etc and you can make great sounds. Who needs vsti? :)

Agree, it’s too easy be blown away with tons of VSTi, but there are roots that make you create.