A Lack Of Inspiration

I hate to say it but I feel as if I’ve fallen into a lack of inspiration
Only about a year ago I felt something could be taken from everything and turned into something else.

Something came along and kicked that feeling out of my face.

I’ve lost it like a contact lenz in a swimming pool.

Punch your dick.

a lack of inspiration and a need for attention, first world problems.

[sup]1[/sup]If you’ve been looking without, look within.

[sup]2[/sup]If you’ve been looking within but find emptiness, ask what could be cultivated by participating in life through service.

[sup]3[/sup]If participating in life causes friction, look at what is being absorbed. A steady input of garbage precludes serving in life, and kills inspiration.

[sup]4[/sup]If you have not before, then give permission. Give permission to write anything. Give permission to be open to goodness.

[sup]5[/sup]If goodness has no import, take a genuine look around for a while and then come back to it.

[sup]6[/sup]If coming back to it doesn’t work, restore balance to the marriage of style and content.

[sup]7[/sup]If style dominates, the means is without an aim. Define the aim. The means will follow.

take a break! don’t push it. Life’s meant to be enjoyed. Anything can become a dragon, that one chases, but there is usually no good reason to chase a dragon.

TweakHeadz has a nice article about this: http://www.tweakheadz.com/musical_inspiration.html

I have the same problem, but I know what it is so I know what to do about it at least. A sort of shitty environment can inspire only to a certain point, whatever that is for you.

Trust in the process of learning.
Trust in yourself, give permission to be yourself.
Align with the natural law of harmony.
Honour a great idea when it emerges.
Put the music out there and let it live a life of its own.
Cut out the unnecessary in life for music.
Fly the flag for awesome art by giving it voice.
Don’t let your personality stand in the way of a good tune.
Enjoy the craft for the sake of the craft.
Engage in the work with presence.
Use music to seek out the greatest ideas.
Use music to bring people together.

this and everything else mr_mark_dollin added to this thread. they are wonderful keys. your job is to turn them in the lock and see what happens.