A Little Something About Electronic Drums

Is there any device other than those pretty expensive drum modules which could convert trigger messages to midi?

I am really interested in percussions but I really can not buy any real instruments. They just make too much noise (neighbours would NOT dig it :D) and I can not afford any recording system also. So how about electric drums?

I’m thinking about buying a few drumpads and stands for them, but how can I make them to work with renoise?

So far I’ve only found this. But that is not so cost-effectiver either :P And it is missing an usb-interface too :(

this is not what you’re searching for, as it just converts the input of a drumkit (being it acoustic or electronic) to MIDI, so you would still need a drumkit to use it.

moreover, if you think that 250 euros is too much, then you’re completely lost: with less than 250 euros you could probably only buy a couple of cheap drumpads, but you will never buy a sound module.

maybe you could be interested in something like this?

kinda missed the point there. I know the whole thing would cost a LOT more than 250 euros. But, it seems that the sound module is the most expensive part of this whole system. And I really wouldn’t need the sound-part, only a module which would convert trigger signals to midi data. Like this one. Too bad I’m not much of a DIY-guy.

Well… I probably should think something like Akai MPD-16 also. After all, that would consist everything I need, and in a compact size. Only thing is, that it must be played with fingers.