A Little Something I Cooked Up This Afternoon

I decided to take a short break from dnb to try my hand with some hip-hop.
It’s a laid back, minimal one.
And no that’s not my name, just the date.
I have yet to come up with anything that satisfies me as far as names go…
Anyway, thanks to MC Proteus for the surrealistic rhymes.

Well, this wasn’t meant as a finished product.
More of a quick experiment/work in progress.
At this point the focus was on establishing mood and atmosphere.
I know it needs a lot more work and polish, but I felt like posting it.

Thanks for listening in any case.

i liked that little extra syncopation with the snare near the beginning, where was that throughout the rest of the track? you should do some variations with the beat. got some nice flow, but i think the lyrics are too quiet and spacey sounding, you should make them more upfront.

Kinda like a promising point at the begining of a sketch is the way this sounded to me, so I wanted to share it despite it’s rough state.
But, yeah I the beat definitely needs a change up. And I plan to play more with the snare and some syncopations.
I got side tracked with playing around with the vocals so the beat got neglected.
Maybe a little jazzy type drum action…

I also maybe need to find just the right horn hit or flute kind of thing and have that sit distant and off to the side.
I agree that I got a little spacey with the vocals. It was mostly just trying out effects combos.
I do plan to establish more of a flow and coherence.

Thanks for the constructive criticism. I’m still ironing out my production techniques.

nice little groove. u should get some1 to rhyme over it.

Have you made any progressions with this song? Haven’t commented it, because it’s far from finished.

This would be perfect for the whacked out lyrics of Kool Keith/Dr. Octagon/ Sir Menelik…

Has a lot of potential.

I wouldn’t over complicate it. Subtle changes, yes… It’s hip hop afterall.

Get someone with adequate rapping skills on this one.

I know this thread is old but what a coincedence…Oh nooo… MC Proteus. That kid kept spamming me for months to produce beats for him. I told him that I would put him on a beat if he would rap over it. So he directs me to some outdated webpage full of garbage “accapellas”, and says I should just download them from there… The dude wanted me to work around him and his lame ass “skillz” using “production techniques”. I mean for god’s sake- he couldn’t hold a single time sig for more than 30 seconds if his life depended on it, just choking and tripping all over his own words- I couldn’t even manage to slice the lyrics up in a wave editor for syncing- I was going to just lay the waves section by section over the beat super manual style. I told him that he really needs to at least try and count to four and try and hold it for more than a few seconds- he got pretty pissed about that and we left it there. But then he starts spamming on my bandmates. He was looking for free production labour. F*ck that… it went on and on dude… super rediculous. His excuse for bad lyricism was that he was an “IDM” rapper… so it was supposed to be like that. Just a funny experience I guess.