A Little Suggestion

i’m one of them who use lots of effects on one channel. for example i’ve got 9 effects in a row and add a new one and i want it to be processed first. it’s very uncomfortable when i have to click 8 times to get this plugin to left… i got idea if you right click the “<-” or “->” button you send a plugin to the first or the last place. what do you think?

//other question… any news about discussed plugin sorter? im really looking forward to have this function implemented…

I think creating 2 new arrow buttons other than the buttons we already have might be a little too much. Xpecially for such a simple feature.
The next step would be someone calling for a button to place the effect “in the middle” of the DSP chain? :)

2 ways to do it without adding new buttons:
it should be quite easy to change the arrow buttons in order to be able to HOTKEY + click em.
Normal click = Move DSP one step along chain
[YourFavouriteHOTKEYhere]+CLICK = Move DSP to end/start of chain.

Even better is LEFT CLICK for one step along chain
and RIGHT CLICK for start-end of chain…

Simply drag and drop the effects from the list to where you want to have them into the chain.

parsec, i didn’t write anything about adding new buttons. please read up carefully what i wrote again and maybe you’ll get my idea then (same as your 2nd suggestion, btw.)

taktik, i’ll try, thanks. a little button improvement i was writing about would be helpful, tho : )