A Little Webcam Assisted Beatboxing

interesting link somebody sent me tonight


Damn swede :lol:

On second thought, this was probably a norwegian :unsure:

That was AWESOME!

hey dufey! haven’t seen you in a while, guess you been busy with your new kid. cute picture! mine’s almost 2 now :)

Haha :lol: that was cool!

if he coud only to that in realtime :yeah:

i want that hair style

hey thanks! yea been busy, moved into an apartment with my girlfriend, plus my pc has been broken, but is up and running again! :D

cant wait to make music again :)

Quite cool…

Can’t wait to hear your music again Dufey.
Btw my son is 2 years and 2 months now :)

cool, glad to see so many people have kids and make music at the same time, maybe it’ll work for me too! as of now though, tommy needs alot of attention, and its kinda hard tracking with him on my lap.

Hahahahaha! :lol:

so awesome.

at 22 months mine probably needs more attention than when he was newborn … but it’s still cool. my computer has a dual monitor setup, i will set up a video for him to watch on one screen (bob the builder, sesame street, winnie the pooh), and then i can read news & webpages on the other screen. i’ve tried tracking a few times but it is difficult, he always points at the screen and yells “WOUD, WOUD!” (loud)


i thought youll say that on one monitor you are renoising and on the other you watch what your kid is up to, in his locked up room :)