A Loop Fit !


I’m maybe stupid but I can’t find a loop fit like other soft

Make any wav stretched on 16 32 64 ticks, very usefull to fit drum sample at other tempo


If you are after a timestrech/ pitchshift function for your samples, this doesn`t exist in renoise. You will need to do this in another app. and then import your modified sample.

If not you may be after the 0900 -> 09ff sample offset function (details in manual + one of the renoise demo songs)

or Beat Sync which can be found in:

“Instr. settings”
“Sample Properties”
“Beat Sync”

This tunes your loops in time automatically.

edit: there is a free realtime pitchshfter VST that can be found Here under projects. It is called Shivashifter. The quality isn`t great but can be used for some effects on beats.


and a pattern effect like MtrK of buzz ?

C-4 01 80 11 20 <— Loop Fit on 32 row

I’m sure devz can do it =))

and a pattern effect like MtrK of buzz ?
I’m sure devz can do it =))

Sure they can too but their todo list is huge atm, you may have to wait a while. Until then you`ll have to do it the hard way + tune your samples manually ;)

sure they can. they even could steal piece of recycle’s source code, they just decided to steal winamp’s first for skin support :ph34r: