A Midget Suggestion

It’s taken right from the practice.

When I have a lot of channels(tracks) and while working with #Amount in #Send device it’s pretty often I need to adjust some parameters in Plugin\Effect, which I actually have in send track. To do so I have to move to the right end of the whole project, find the correct Send track, select it, click “Ext. Editor”, adjust parameters, close it and then back to the left part of project and try to find the correct track I’ve just been working with.

My suggestion is simple - add “Ext. Editor” on every #Send DSP device, which opens the current effect (VST) parameters on the proper Send track.
If there are several effects which forms device chain in Send track, perhaps it could be managed with adding the third line in #Send device (below the Receiver line) where I can choose the required effects and the click “Ext. Editor” on the left hand of this list.

P.S. there could be some hidden problems though… such as what to do with plugins that have no Ext.Editor?

Thanx for attention.