A music production question

I have acquired a number of free/public domain drum kits comprised of one-shot samples from various kits and machines. Ever since I learned how to create a key mapped drum kit in Renoise, I have enjoyed making instrument kits and futzing around with the various options. However, I have noticed that in several kits, the samples will each have a few milliseconds of dead space at the beginning. Usually it’s just a tiny amount, but in some kits there has been almost a second of blank space at the start of a sample. What I’m wondering is this: is it necessary to have this space for certain types of hardware/software (e.g. Akai MPC or drum machine VSTs), or is it just coincidental?

My guess; Poor editing and/or automatic slicing software not doing it’s job properly during the preparation of these samples for release.

i think too they want to do this too quickly

Bad editing or recording or slicing. Delete the silence and save again. When hardware samplers were common before computers old samplers had tiny RAM and file space, so samplists had to edit down to the millisecond to save as space as possible.

Ah, OK. I was just wondering if some people or hardware systems deliberately put blank space at the beginning to create a groove offset. Thanks!

I was wondering whether or not it’s a normal thing, too. Thanks for the tips!