A Mute-selection In Sample Editor

that is all :)

Already possible: In sample editor mark a selection and press F10. Drag the slider to the most left (-INF dB). Click Process. Done.

Let me hijack this then with something that has been request before:

Enhance the amplify feature lots, so that it’s possible to draw a “gain envelope”. Initially, that envelope would have just one point a 0 dB, so you can move that up and down and it would behave like the slider we have more. Add more points to do stuff like fade in/out, maybe a few presets for logarithmic fades.

The normalize function could also be duplicated here (“get maximum gain” sets the envolope to a single point at the appropriate dB level - I say duplicate because having normalize as a one-button function is always nice).

I think this would make a lot of sense in the actual sample display instead of a separate dialog, because that way everything from scrolling to zooming could simply be reused.

for a cheap way to silence do as I do and alternate clicking and until (practically) silent

I as-well, miss a Mute selection button. comes in handy when removing noise in records etc,
while you want to keep the pause between the sounds/spoken words.
Its a basic operation and I don’t understand why it isn’t implemented in the Sample Editor.

I find it frustrating using the ‘volume-adjustment’ command and dragging the bar down to ‘inf dsb’ every time, especially when going trough a whole 3 min. voice recording.
This is neither an efficient nor is it an ergonomic process. It makes my arm and wrist really hurt afterwards.
I don’t think clicking ‘fade in’ and ‘fade out’ is any easier either.
But, those are, by now, the only ways of Muting . . . (that I know about) . . .

One could always switch to another audio software while doing this, but I find it cumbersome getting a Wave-editor just for this simple task.

I think the ModPlug Sample Editor had a Mute button.
I dont remember for certain, but I seem to recall pressing
‘backspace’ made the selected area disappear,
while pressing ‘Del’ only muted the selection

How about this:
while using the Sample Editor - holding a command button (ctrl/alt/command/option/shift etc)
and multiple selections over the sample would be allowed,
then you could press the mute button - or any other effect buttons you like.

I could also fancy a second, more advanced Mute button,
with an short fade in and out, at the start and the end of the selections.

Should indeed be a welcome new feature to speed up volume cutting in recordings.

it would be a nice feature