A New (2ndary) Way Of Editing Note Velocity


I don’t frequent these forums that much so sorry if something like this has already been suggested already, but here goes:

Even though it’s quite nice to be able to control note velocity as easily and precisely as it is with Renoise/tracker sequencers in general, it’d be nice to have something to make it easier to make “velocity envelopes”, or just generate some randomness (though there probably is a randomize note velocity function in Renoise?), for synth patches where you’d have the velocity control things such as volume and filter cutoff.

My idea of such a thing would pretty much resemble the Automation function used for DSP automation of the currently active track. Basically, you’d first lay down your notes for the track and then press the Velocity Control tab, or whatever it was labelled. The view would essentially be the same as the Automation view, with the same functions (copy/paste, points/linear/cubic, delete, flip, random etc), with a few differences:

  • The view illustrating the pattern length could display at which points you have notes laid out on the pattern
  • There would be an extra button labelled Paint, Paste or so, basically only after pressing this button would the
    function actually “paint” the curve/pattern you’d created on the actual notes/pattern.

Imagine you had a 303-ish bass sound in a trance or techno tune, and you first wanted to make it’s velocity-controlled cutoff rise steadily for a few patterns, before letting it go to a full randomish frenzy at a high point in the track - a feature like this would make this rather easy to make.


The humanize function can help you with this.

To randomly vary the volume of the instrument on Track01 for example, move the cursor into Track01 itself then go into the Advanced Edit tab. Under “Select Section & Content Mask” choose “Track in pattern”, then deselect all the checkboxes except for Volume (or whatever else you want to randomise). Now hit the Humanize button (or press Ctrl+H). You can use the humanize function several times in a row to get a wider variety of randomisation.


Yeah, it’s been suggested a few times…
Would be very nice to have.