A New Option On L.f.o. Device

I love using L.F.O , especially as a one shot envelope. However, I often find that with the amount of automation I want to use it for, I end up taking a lot of time copying and pasting the “reset” pattern effect command.

I have seen people ranting on about wanting to give the L.F.O. device multiple routing capabilities, but I’d like to add a second, different suggestion with different applications.

How about making the L.F.O reset function triggerable by instrument note ons.

By which I mean one could toggle a -“use note on from instrument [pick instrument no.] to trigger reset”-. This would turn any instrument into a powerful modulation source for ANY effect on ANY track. :dribble:
You could have it so that it ignored ghost notes too etc…
I have no idea how easy or hard routing changes like this are to implement. I imagine if they were easy we would have tons of options like this already.

I, personally, would go absolutely apes**t if this were implemented.

Anyone agree?

You can do this with “Velocity device” already. Add this to your channel, connect it to LFO reset and pull the offset sliders to zero.


Oh dear, how foolish of me (looks at blistered Ctrl+V fingers).
Wow! This really makes the instruments so much more powerful than I thought they were!
If I’m honest, I’d never really looked at the velocity device. I just assumed it was for sending velocity values to midi/VST instruments.

I’ll RTFM before I post here next time.
Thanks man!

Also, thanks for answering right away. Your guruh speed is much appreciated in this instance!