A New Potential User... Please Help


Great forum, and Renoise looks just brilliant! Can’t wait to get on it.

Just a few quick questions answered before I purchase Renoise…

  1. How big of a file is the full version?

  2. What size is the sample library?

  3. Does it actually come with a sound bank, samples, built in synthesizers…? Or do you have to purchase them seperately?

  4. Is there a published ‘How to…’ book on Renoise? I’ve never used a tracker so I am literally starting from the very beginning. Level 0.

Any help is much appreciated.


The 1.8 installer is roughly 15 megabytes.
The installed Renoise program directory, including demo songs, is roughly 25 megabytes

0 bytes.
In other words, there isn’t one, but there are several demo songs which you can examine and borrow samples from to get started. You can also download the entries from the BeatBattle 5 compo, all of them are open Renoise songs just waiting to be played with. Not to mention BeatBattle 4, 3, 2 and 1.

No sound banks, no samples, no built-in synthesizers.
Before you even think of buying any VSTi synths there are tons of free ones available that are more than good enough, you can search the database at KVR Audio for a start.
Samples can also be found online for free if you look around.

Nope, but you do have the Renoise Wiki and Renoise In:Depth which cover many useful things.

Best thing to do? Simply download the demo and give it a try.


just a note: the installer does not come with a sound bank, but has some demo songs in it, some of which have interesting samples inside.

Renoise now also has a recording function in the sample editor, so you can easily grab your own sounds.

Heck, there are tons of free VSTi instruments, among them is SFZ which is a free soundfont player… and also many free samples. Between all of them, and the amazing mutilating powers of Renoise, most anything is possible. Also just search for free loops, learn to use 09xx commands in Renoise and you will have a powerful tool indeed…