A New Song

Well, I hope you will listen to this and give me some comments :)


Nice to hear this style being made in renoise, a very difficult thing to attempt in getting a human played / natural sound with regards to expression. My initial thoughts related to this is that more change in pace may be useful, not so much in terms of average BPM but holding certain notes for slightly longer to accent them and to get a leaning feeling into new chords.
I like the complementation of the string. The only thing I would say here is that it could be better if not used all the time or other natural instruments are added at different points. I think this would define different parts of the tune well, although would have to be done well to be in keeping with the mood you have achieved here.

Reminds me a lot of the Schindlers List theme which I like a lot as a piece of music B) . Some nice work!

Thanks, very constructive feedback. I agree with what you say and I might work some more on the song in the future, but I´ll leave it as it is for now, as I´m very bussy doing graphics now…

I can’t give you any suggestions
But, I like this
Sounds like nothing I’ve heard tracked before

Ooh, nice, makes a change from trance and techno! ;)

Any chance we could get a .rns file of maybe just a small part of this song?

Very athmospheric and “live”-sounding.
I love music like this.
Have to agree with Ledger. This sounds like something from either Schindlers List or The Piano. Very sad but with hope, sort of.

Would be very interested in knowing what VSTinstrument the piano is, if any.

Very beautiful.

This is very good music, i also absolutely love the piano… omg :o

Feels a bit strange bringing this thread up but,
I added the song to the music section, now I really need to be able to finish and add some other songs. This was so I´ll be able to vote on your songs :) If you want I would appreciate it if you gave it some rating :P

The piano is from Edirol orchestral.
I´ll could make a Rns file, with the vst converted to samples for anyone intrested but I don’t have the webspace to put it up on, unless I really degrade the quality. I´ll give it a try…

i gave it 70% … acutally i wanted to vote it with 75%…

i really enjoyed this tune, but i miss some variation here. perhaps some string played at high octaves or violins would be nice ? i would also try to add some piano chords played at low octaves to give some parts more expression. using those elements togehter with speed alteration (make it faster) you could achieve a pretty good dramatic apex.

i hope you can use some of those ideas.

I miss a thumbs up symbol here :D well done this tune!

Hand it over and I host it for ya :)
I´m planning anyway to offer a little rns-source base in the future.