A new track after a long break

Hello dear friends!
At last I was able to complete this “song”. This is the Renoise version of my 10+ years old song originally written in ModplugTracker. (I can share that version as well if someone is interested)

Somewhy it was very difficult for me to “beat” or at least to reach the original mood of the old track.

It reminds me those careless college times…no job but so much fun… the first Linkin Park’s album and vise versa :)
It was written in Renoise, then exported to Mixbus for further mixing\mastering.

I hope you guys like it.
Criticism is very welcome by the way…


PS: yeah, I know that guitar solo sounds goofy, but I’m totally dumb in solos :D

Well hey that’s great, there’s a lot of very good stuff in there :yeah:

You are right about the solo tho ;)

I really dig that instrumental. Numetal without the usually annoying teenage tenor-voice :walkman: Good work ! I assume you mainly recorded the instruments live. ?

Thank you guys for your comments :)

This was my second experience in mixing drums “like in real life”. Channel by channel, with all the filtering, compression, delays, reverbs and saturation stuff.

Guitars recorded live (a real guitar connected through Aplitube3) and drums are rendered from AddictiveDrums with all the DSPs disabled - this way I got it sound almost like the real raw studio recording.

Oh, it is totally made on Linux by the way :)

Really good track, very nice drums!! It’s quite apparent you put a lot of work on the drums…!

btw, fellow Linux user here, i’m mainly using ubuntu studio (it’s mainly xubuntu + a ton of audio/video applications)

Really nice, fresh track. Thumbs up!

Whoa, I could never say, why this is not a studio recording.
Imagine your track sung by e.g. Klaus Meine (Scorpions)…
If your track was sung and the vocals were as perfectly mixed
into the song as all other instruments here, you just could be
broadcasted on the radio. Really good work!

Thanks guys!

Yeah, I spent a lot of time on mixing these drums. Im happy you like it :)

I wonder if there are more people recording “live” (rock, jazz, blues etc.) music in Renoise (except me and my linux fellow Delt)? :)