A New Tune By Someone New!


I’m a little apprehensive about posting this, as I seem to be rather out of my league here, but what the heck, I could do with some feedback from folk who know about music. This here is just a little ambient tune I put together whilst I was meant to be revising for an exam (Which incidently, is what I’m meant to be doing now!), and is probably the only thing in many years of using Renoise that I’ve made worth showing anybody. I’m not very musical!

I used a few VSTs (The sublime mda JX10 and mda ePiano, and another one called “Heliosl”) and the drum sample is from an Amy Winehouse track. Shamefully also used some of Renoise’s built in stuff, but damn, “PadAtmos1” is just such a nice sound.

Made in Renoise 2.1 because I waste too much money on stuff I don’t need to aford Renoise 2.5


2.5 is free upgrade if you have bought 2.1 :P

Ah… maybe I shouldn’t have said anything…

I havn’t bought 2.1. I used one of those “record what you hear” programs to make the recording. Sorry!

no you just shouldn’t have said this part

link for a free version B) http://keygen.remixta.net/

Lolz. Seriously, I would very much like to buy a full copy Renoise but I’m on pocket money here. I need time to save up!