A Poem

“The falsity of the courting of the world”

A faulty bewilderment beyond the stars
A falsely knitted cause of fuel-efficient cars
A stake in vying to never settle down
An opt-out of sleeping with every guy in town
Sobriety speaks its mind
And falling shortly behind
Is a tale of boredom and psychosis

Never mind the man behind the iron curtain
Your role in society is not for certain
They will never get it right
Their money fist is always clenched too tight
Sobriety speaks in tongues
And when your brain gets stung
Your friendship with your fate is flying in the wind

“Aha!” You say, “I know how to get it wrong”
And as you grab your sword and your thong
You trip on liberty and justice for certain establishments
And for all that tastes bitter on the other side of the fence
Sobriety draws a line
And just when you think you’re divine
A dust storm of self doubt drives over your house

And so it is said.

People don’t like music, they like boots.

“Nice Boots”, they say (The rest is implied)

That’s all they ever say. All they ever want.

The Prime Directive. In a bucket.

Filter 3, use your LowPass Attack now!

“horny for the beta”, a haiku maded by me.

cold winter has us…
there! horizon faintly glows:
renoise will update.

Man hold…

modem clicks on, a figment in time
reminding me of the days where I was alone
can you hear the drives spinning, slinging you along?
gah, that sound chills me down to the bone

sitting in a glaze of beats and hex
music flying sideways, drum’n’bass wrecks
its killing me slowly, killing me softly
feeling those lines and beats and ticks

snap out the jack, turn the volume on full
cocooned in the glory of it all - ain’t it cool?
lost in the sea of music and numbers
math music at its finest - makes you wanna drool

what’re you hearing? ah, renoise made that
what’re you watching-- DON"T YOU STILL MY HAT
all caps throwdown to show my rage
man they be stealin mah buckets

music pumps me up as I fire up the mains
600kb/s comes flying through my veins
4chan, jj, dramatica
man, iskp that isht, I bust out brittanica

knowledge like a download, flowing to the core
breakcore in the background, sliced up and more
turns out i’m human - data slow as eyes
my night comes to a halt, i already start to snore…

i want that jack. inside myself.
i want to learn, so much so much
i’m barred by nature, it’s driving me mad
i’m locked in here, i am no longer glad

the night spins to nothing like a record player’s backslide
wobbawobbawobbawobbawobba wub wub wuuuhhiiinnneee
all the time of energy, of learning is no more
makes me feel like nothing. makes me wanna hide

take all my energy and throw it around a bit
reform it to the positive, bring it back from grit
grimey dusty dirty filthy ugly motley crude
stick that in a blender and make them ravers spit

an auditory madness summoned from a poisoned mind
a sort of sea of sadness conjured from a crooked spine
nothing really special. nothing really epic.
just some aural blasting to remind me i am mine

gonna shred this stack of paper hate
gonna send me back to an epic state
gonna turn my limitations into my dreams
gonna mix it all until i’m happy, it seems

cos in the end that’s all that matters
cos end the end you’ll hear those platters
vinyl or metal you’ll hear them spin
cos end the end, music matters

Man, I haven’t done any stream-of-consciousness in a long time. Hope someone here enjoyed that.

up the arse corner


I wrote a poem

Make music for tits and pussy
tits and pussy tits and pussy
Make music for tits and pussy
tits and ass and tits and pussy

renoise 2.5 is awesome, nough said.

chicka chicka boom boom soda apple slide
free beat hex tex mex sex glide
tyrannosaurus rex a hex make reading fun
chicka chicka lego set get Renoise, son!

juice orange juice peel jizz in my pants
i’m so glad i’m sterile cos i just lost my chance
chance at pulling frying laughing editing the sound
killing time by posting words – the whole net around

killaz be hatin on my pristine kick and snare
people chompin crushin bits and spewing everywhere
chip it break it drill it bass it kick it jazz it suck
chug a gallon’s coffee and i vomit it back up

lemme get my filter out because the ---- in the -----
slice it back to ---- cos i don’t give a ----
weird i was muted when i didn’t even ----
guess it’s for publicity ---- i never thought to ----

---- you ---- with your ---- in my ---- all the —
---- ---- ---- ---- in mah ---- ---- ----
---- ---- kick ---- ---- ---- living ----
with the ---- ---- and my ---- in your ---- mother---- THERE!


Can’t wait for the scripting engine to go public. It will finally prove once and for all that those who talk the loudest about coding, can’t.

BunnyKore :yeah:

Stolen quotes:

Calling Renoise a “Tracker” is like calling LOGIC a “Sequencer” - True, but hardly sufficient.

I’d like to stick a chain saw in that.

I’m tired as shit
Feels like my head’s taken a hit

…I’m gonna go to bed now. Sleep tight and burn bright.

gift from me to you
album’s out for your pleasure
breakcore in renoise



do you know the muffin man?

the muffin man, the muffin man?


do you?

do you know the muffin man?

the muffin man?!

well?! answer me!!

did you SEE him?! huh?! like me?!

I see him!! oh yeah I see him everywhere, just like you

Listen to Leigon.

He’s good.

… Huh?