A Program I Wrote: Glitch.

:blink: sorry.



Yes, just thought that it would be cool to have it as a native audio effect in Renoise.
Also a meta device would be possible. Meta devices have full access to the event data in Renoise (the pattern for example).

If you are interested, drop me a mail. We could help you porting this thing to C, you could help us by adding a new effect into Renoise.

About the open RNS file format: I usually promise nothing when t comes to when which feature will be implemented when, but the chances are quite good, that Renoise 1.6 will write its documents in a human readable format.

Holyshirt, that would be very melty!

argh… I won’t be able to read them, then :ph34r:

great little prog dblue ! :)

would be swell having it native in renoise ofcoz ! go for it ! :)


I thought that’s supposed to be my job…
Unless my method is not human readable :blink:

I’m SOOOOOO all for DBlue’s program to be a new effect in renoise. In fact, I’d prolly use renoise more to make my percusion patterns if this was implemented. I still teeter-totter back in forth fro renoise to FL5 depending on my mood and how inspired I’m feeling at the moment.

took a listen to the samples of glitch, this is a pretty impressive program. thanks for your contribution!

WHOA! It’s superb!!! Demos are astonishing!

I’d never imagine that PHP can be used for things like that!
And i’d never believe if i don’t see it by myself.

LOVE to see this in Renoise as internal device or FX !

Good luck, man!

i would have never beleived that this was written with php, i never would have thought!
the fact that itss been coded byte by byte is really cool too, especially the effects!

Dblue: i was testing out a sequencer made with java last night. while i was trying to understand how to use it, i couldnt stop thinking about how cool it would be if you used java like its used in that sequencer. basically makes whatever you do completely cross-platform for any os to use that supports java 1.5.
i dont know if theres a php to java convertor or not but if there is, it might be something you would be interested in. also, using java you could make your interface, however you would want it to look.
dont know if it would be any faster, but it would work exactly how it works on your system compared to other systems. like azureous looks & works exactly
the same on windows and linux.
heres the sequencers link if you want to look at it:
tip for anyone else looking at this:
run firinka from the command line by typing: java -jar frinika.jar

Java is slooooow and hey, Renoise don’t support Java!
Till we need this baby as internal thing

done properly it could run very well.
but as far as a new renoise feature, it would be nice, but i think maybe they should be concentrating more on giving names to the hidden features, and implementing the stuff the users have been asking for, for a few years now. before they start losing more users. i dont want to repeat what i heard from someone i was speaking with today.

Wow… it’s written by Peter Salomonsen. :yeah:

As far as I understand, I don’t think this would be something that the devs would rush to implement in Renoise. It certainly wouldn’t be something that would take priority over other far more important features and necessary updates. There are a few things I’d rather have in Renoise myself which I’d choose over my glitch program any day :)

I think Taktik simply means “hey, it would be cool to have this sometime in the future”, y’know? Anyway, I will do what I can to provide something cool for the Renoise project. Who knows what will actually happen though. It might end up being the whole glitch system, or it might be just a handful of strange new native effects. It’s difficult to say at this point.

In the meantime I’ve started looking through the VST SDK, and I’m currently playing around with the Delphi VST template by Tobybear. I’ve got some very, very simple test effects compiled and working in Renoise so far, things such as amplitude modulation, primitive overdrive, etc. I’ve also got some very basic bpm-based things working, though I’m struggling a little bit with getting it synchronised to the beat where it would actually be useful.

So if anyone has any experience with the VST SDK in that area, a few hints would be appreciated. :)

Actually. we’re all anxiously awaiting the day Renoise loses you as a user…

what the hell, man?

If you would have had advanced knowledge of C++ and the effect could be blended into the environment seemlessly without any of the main devs requiring to do much work… I would recon it good enough for a 1.6 add-on.

ok ok, calm blue ocean :) We dont want any flamewars here… do we

“Input is too big. This demo version is limited to 2 megabyte (2048kb) WAV files.”


But aside from that i love this, if the music bizz goes the way its headed you’ll just have to remove the voice, run glitch over the rest and then readd the voice to have a fully releaseable tune :P

well, dont hold your breath. i’m sure i’ll be around even after renoise obtains as much leetness as acid pro.