A Pulsar related Version?

well, since 1.6 the pulsar and other cw cards will only work in normal mode which sometimes is a pity just in case you are only working with the program. I don´t really expect an optimized version, because cw customers are a minority although it would be a nice thing, since renoise may become the first “lower budget” program which would support it.

first of all, the latest version of renoise is 1.27, so either you’re from the future or you’re talking about 1.26 :)

second, what is “normal mode”? you have to explain what you mean here.
I assume cw=creamware and “the program” = renoise, but please
be more specific when you’re asking for help here.

if normal mode is a mode of the card, then you have to explain what this has to do with renoise (other than “it doesn’t work”) otherwise there’s nothing we can do.

yep, sometimes I miss a letter or 2, beg ya pardon ;)

Well…normal mode of the card is - you work together a) with the SFP soft )includes mixers effects and whats happening on the card) and b)with renoise and always have to switch between the windows.

The other mode is the xtc mode which I think has to be very complicated to implement but worked without the xtc plug-ins until 1.26 so you could work in renoise and use the multichannel rendering ;)

So this ist not really a kind of support question than more a suggestion.

what is the “SFP soft”, what is th xtc mode and plug-ins?
you’re not exactly giving us much to go on here.
I don’t have this card, I don’t have this software,
I don’t know what you’re talking about at all.

be more specific.

Isn´t it crystal clear…
:lol: :lol: :lol:

XTC ? Stay away from drugs please !

SFP = the internal control software for the card…you might get some expression @ www.planetz.com or www.creamware.com

the program in this case - yep…what a wonder - is exactly renoise…

The xtc mode is a background project for pulsar where just the in- and outputs and so on of the pulsar are used and the mixing etc. has to be done in the software similiar to the workprocess of a normal soundcard except that xtc plug-in dlls are to be calculated by the card, not the cpu.

Until 1.26, renoise accepted the xtc mode without handling the xtc plug-ins.

You still haven’t answered how this problem is related to renoise, but I’ve figured it out by looking at the creamware site. Here is the answer I was looking for: XTC plugins are VST plugins which uses the DSP power of the creamware card. That way you can use the DSP processor in a VST host (ie renoise).

Until 1.26 renoise acceptes the xtc mode without handling the xtc plug-ins.

? How ? This is not possible. There has never been any such feature in Renoise. So you have to explain in more detail what did you do before that doesn’t work now? (assume I’m stupid)

well the xtc project contains a standard asio driver which had been accepted by renoise until 1.26 - the xtc plug-ins of cause didn´t work. But in some projects like to control erverything in renoise and use the multichannel rendering. To mix everything in pulsar instead makes rerecording necessary, because it simply sounds different as when the mixing and everything else is handled by renoise.