A Question About Posting Guidelines

Hello Renoisers:

I have found this forum to be, for the most part, level-headed and courteous. As such, I do not want to do anything to get folks riled up.

If I have a song that I want to share, but it is only-made partially with Renoise (ie - Renoise and FL Studio rewired to Reaper), would it be OK to post a link to said song in this forum?

I didn’t see any guidelines posted, but I am not going to interpret that as a green light to act without regard for “standard practices”.

As always, many thanks to the group for all your help.

If it’s somehow related to Renoise then it’s OK to post it. Don’t worry about it too much :)

Awesome!!! Thanks for being cool about it.

BTW - these 2 guys are the new spokespeople for my fan club. :panic: :w00t:

Even if its not renoise-made… post it, just dont tell. How could we tell? ;)

Why, null testing of course :lol:

XRNS files are now mandatory for all songs posted on the Renoise Song Forum. Failure to comply will result in revocation of license.

dang it man.

And talking bullshit without a smiley will result in revocation of license as well…? :unsure:

Using too many smileys will result in having to purchase a shrubbery for every member of the forum. :D

pls nobody take this seriously as this is not the case.

we had a big issue in this forum with someone spamming us with songs that had nothing to do with renoise.

This is indeed a renoise forum, and the songs posted should have in some part be created by renoise.

Seriously, XRNS or it didn’t happen. ;)


/me hits Tarek-fm in the head with a humourhammer

You shouldn’t threaten people with violence, hitting someone with a hammer rarely solves any problems even if it looks very funny. :badteeth:

Oh dear I am an idiot!!! my baddd, thought u were serious!! :rolleyes: :lol: