A Question About Recording..

As I understand it recording in Renoise means recording to RAM… Not that great when I have a HD for all that =D

So I just want to confirm, has there been any change to this with the update to 2.7 since the upgrade of the sample editior atall? If not… Is it planned at all? Also… Why does/did it do this (was just always told it did this never really understood why =P)?

That’s all.



Recording to RAM it has been since ages, the reason why it hasn’t changed yet because the change require drastic measures for Taktik to take. Not that he doesn’t want to, but adding DFD or D2D requires more time he desires to do in the background and not during alpha and beta season.
The past version most time went into the instrument change, automation and the sample slicer.

Nice… Thanks ALOT vV =) Cleared that up for nicely for me. This is something obviously on the minds of you dev’s so I will leave it at that then (I was gunna add it as a suggestion =P silly me).

I can’t WAIT till this is implemented. =)