A Question About Renoise V2


same guy. remarkable consistency across shots.

they could have photoshop’d them as well for gods sake

the ultimate patternarranger…

(I felt Martys prototype were too clean, and hmm this one is missing the mandatory and annoying USB cable too)

:dribble: :w00t:

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Spot on

Can’t stand these trolls moaning on about keeping it what it is . I love tracking but I also love writing melody on a piano roll and being able to arrange pattern on top of each other and having rewire so I can link with cubase ect …

you do realise, if they put one in, you don’t have to use it!

Yeah, I know. I was just joking. Or maybe not - putting notes with mouse seems so unnatural and uncomfortable… But whatever - if it’s what users want and it’s not obligatory, then why not? :)

Nsound, I saw your profile on VIRB and read you started out with Fruity Loops, i guess you miss it’s piano roll and wish Renoise also have one, which is fine and let’s hope you’ll get it one day. The opposite is true for many others, as old schoolers obviously started with a tracker that’s why they don’t miss the piano roll. :)

Personally I had to switch to Cubase long long time ago, because no tracker could handle midi/vsti back then, I studied the manual and really tried to learn it, but I absolutely hated it, I hate the piano roll as it takes me too long to get an idea down, I stopped making music because of it. Years went by without making any songs, finally Renoise came along and I am forever grateful that Taktik finally brought us trackers a piece of software we can use.

I think a piano roll may be good for people playing proper piano/midi-keyboard, because it’s easier to push your midi recorded notes around in that environment, whereas if you insert notes in a tracker they are already where you want them, hence no need for a piano roll. Ahh just got a thought, complete newcomers to music may not know how to put harmonious notes together, therefore a piano roll may be of use for them too. :unsure:

But I really like to know which tracker is more forward thinking than Renoise?

i only used fruityloops for about a month and the only thing i used the piano roll for was for slicing breaks up with - (i dont really use a lot of melody!) i’ve been through many different music programmes and the only one that i have found that i get along with is renoise - the first thing i used was some cakewalk app and cubaseVST and i hated both.

the point i was trying to make make/ask was whether or not some of the more ‘old skool’ amongst the renoise community viewed the discussed additions/improvements with fear and trepidation or with glad & welcoming arms - so far it seems that people are up for making renoise as foward thinking and fully featured as possible and that includes me - bring it on, bring it all on!

O. M. F. G.


i could use that :P

Give it a shot i would say:



If you’re that enthousiastic why not try the DYI edition:


No, no, the enthusiasm is how rapidly this creative thread went from messing about to finished product.

I mean, that’s just ridiculously fast :smiley: