A Quick One I Did Last Night.

Making heavy use of 12 lpb.


I like it. It’s really unlike anything I’ve heard before. What’s the time signature?

i would say 4/4 but heis using 12 lpb. so like 12 against 16. doesnt make sense huh?! try it yourself…
play some hits as it would be a 8 lpb and but some accents in the actual 12 lpb.

EDIT: nice track!!! thx 4 sharing.


Yep when working on 12 lpb 4/4 every 1/4 beat is a multiple of 3 so put a sample on lines 0,3,6,9,12,15 ect. Because 12 can also be divided by 3 you can put a sample on every 4th line 0,4,8,12,16 ect.
I did the kick track first the 2 kicks that follow the first kick in the bar is what I based the rest of the samples around.

Heres the xrns if you want to take a look:

I like odd time signatures when they are used to build tension before a return to 4/4. Too much odd time sig though and I have a hard time not getting lost.