A Renoise Demonstration

I’ve been choosen to make a workshop about music into demoscene during a digital art festival to be held in Bologna, northern Italy, on december the 3rd.

I will speak about the past of digital music scene, starting from SoundTracker, but of course there will be great room for the present and future of trackers, id est ReNoise :D

I will make this 600km trip just to promote ReNoise amongst potentially interested people, so PLEASE APPLAUD ME

:drummer: :P :rolleyes:



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And of course we want to see some photos as soon as its done :)


Can you please advise me of how you do live Performance with Renoise…

My piano teacher asked me many times to make a presentation to the students about composing music on the PC so as to show the Power of using Pc.
If I perform something live with Renoise everybody will like it… The problem is I don’t know how to do it.
Bringing a PC there and let it play music is not a big deal… Eveybody will say is just a software playing music…I need to do something to make them say …Ouuuaaaaaaaaaoooooooo :P

I would love to tell me what do I need to do a live performance.

I Have a midi keyboard (Evolution MK-361C) , Renoise and Some speakers :)


If I find some friend to come to Bologna, I’ll be there, so we could know eachother.

:guitar: :drummer: :guitar:

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I will give more details soon, as I don’t know exactly where the festival is.

I will not make a lot of live-stuff there; most likely I will explain the functionalities and the potentials, speaking about future ideas, with a bit of comparison of ReNoise to so called “professional sequencers”.

If I would be you, I would probably get some VSTi sampler such as Native Instruments Kontakt, IK SampleTank or Steinberg HAlion and play some programs such as a piano and a drumkit.

I would then show the capabilities of RNI format, by playing some simple RNI’s, and then raising their complexity, with also the help of built-in effects chains and master tracks.

Then I would pick a couple of synths, like Native Instruments Pro-53, RGCAudio Pentagon I, ReFX Salyer 2 or, if you audience is very interested into sound designing, even Native Instruments Reaktor 4, and play some good presets.

Then I would prepare an OGG file by picking some ReNoise songs excerpts in sequence, merging different styles together to give an idea of the software’s felxibility.

This last thing is one of the steps that I’m going to make during my demonstration, except for the songs will not be just ReNoise songs, rather a MOD-XM-IT-MT2-RNS mixage.

…oh, and thanks you all for the support ;)

Ohohh, this means I have to learn some italian ´til the 3rd and come for a visit B)

Ok joking pushed back a bit now :)

Yes, It-Alien you rule! You´re the right one for a demonstration. Especially since I saw your tracking style @ Breakpoint 2003. (huh me ex-[ST]CC remember ? :rolleyes:) Your sample editing, instr. editor handling, pattern madness itself, etc etc etc ;) Very impressive B)

Only by watching some time I learned many things :)

A little advice for the demo:

Gather the people behind you :P


:yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

I also found by accident a workshop in Wien / Austria, teaching or showing how to compose with Renoise. Here is the anouncement. German only.
It starts on 16.12, so be fast if you want to participiate ! :)

Don´t forget to show the envelopes and the lfo B)

I wonder who this Wolfie Christl, the workshop trainer, is… anyone? :unsure:

why didn’t they call me offering lots of money? :lol:

well anyway is very good to see that tracking workshops ae being held, though I’ve never had the need for a trainer about tracking :P for sure this way of introducing the software will increase its popularity, but I think that the organizer should have warned the developing team… well anyway… <_<

check out the Austrian workshop homepage (german) to learn that the only ReNoise’s flaws are that it’s not open source and does not run under Linux yet :)

now click here to see my workshop’s poster (italian) and get info about the place where it will be held. (yes, they mispelled my group name: it’s of course “.parenthesis.”, not “pharentesis” (maybe from “phat”?! :) :rolleyes:)

oh I’ve forgot to say that a CD about these demo workshops is being distributed among attenders and then among people in Maths and Engineering University there at Bologna. I’ve put ReNoise 1.281 demo on it, I assume this is fine for developers.

Is it possible for someone to record this Live demostration and put it on the web to download it? :)

I Beleive this would be a good tutorial for everybody.

Thanks :yeah:

I don’t think most of people here understand italian :)

If there is a will there is always a way … ;)

hell yeah i know who this wolfie christl is

its me B)

we didn´t call you offering lots of money simply because we don´t have it, haha. seriously: public netbase is a non profit organization in vienna. besides of many other things we´re doin (cheap or for free) workshops in many fields - mainly in linux and open source web developement. and occasionally someone has freaky ideas like pd or renoise, ha.

i´m doin music since many years - guitar rock and roll as well as electronic rock and roll. i´m used to trackers since many years and so i decided to share my holy knowledge and prevent people from exploring fruityloops&co, haha. if you´re interested in a nice little example track i did with awesome renoise, here you are: z.cccp.at/tempftp/done_noyet.mp3

so if anybody´s living in/near vienna and interested…join! but be warned: it´ll be a beginners workshop B)