A Routing Window Like In Psycle/buzz?

To the developers of Renoise hello.
I’ve d/l the 1.5 beta1 version and I’d like to ask whether its possible that a routing window like in Psycle/Buzz would be implemented.
( The routing window in which you connect a VST Instrument to an effect by connecting a wire between them and etc. )


… in my opinion … everything could be possible … but at the moment fx are track based … and I don’t like the wire stuff in other apps and I prefer the track-based fx insertion and i’m happy with that …

There may be VST mixers that can also apply VST effects upon VST instruments.

the “wire based” style is the accepted modern music software approach to performing software device interconnects in audio applications. it is the cosest to working in a real studio and theoretically allows you to better visualize and orchestrate your effects stack.

that said:

i hate it too. i love the way renoise does it’s effects stacks and send tracks. if i was forced to use the wire model i would like working in renoise less.

Take a look at the Energy XT VST instrument, its kind of like a host within a host - http://www.xt-hq.com/