A Shitload Of Tunes(and A K303 "remix")

A little backstory, all of these 12 tunes are a couple of years old(some even older) and since i havent really given anything back to this community for a long time i decided to release some old tunes. All i’ve actually done to them recently is make them all fit together, so if u somehow end up burning this make sure to leave no spaces between the tracks. Ill probably release a new tune soon too. wohoo

And another shitty fact to the equation is that im leaving my woman, we’ve decided to split up due to the fact that we cant even have a conversation without flipping out. Sad part is that we actually have a kid together(yea im 28) , either way its all for the better and as of now all i plan to do is move to thailand for a couple of months and hang out on the beach making music; atleast thats the plan.

But anyhoo im gonna be without net in a couple of weeks so i decided to put up some stuff so you guys could actually experience what i’ve been doing instead of maintaining a shitty releationship. :P

and yea, i put all files in one big rar file, incase some of you decided to only download one tune!

Download the songs in one rar file here!(90mb)

  • the k303 remix is the “Scum_Mr Defective - 10 - Political Biproducts.mp3” i’ve taken some tb rounds from a tune i dont even remember the name of anymore, all i remember is that the samples rocked ass. So k303 if u dont condone in me releasing this one give me a pm and ill remove it pronto!


lovely oldskool breakbeat stuff i’d say!
the remix you mention is not really something i’d regard a remix as you put the borrowed basslines into an absolutely new context, which is sweet, to say the least.
the source-tune (“eer amak et amorve”) was kinda demomusic-esque stuff i used to write back in the mid/late 90’s from time to time.

so far i’ve only listened to half of the tracks, but i’m already positive that this oldskoolish stuff maintain its place in my playlist for quite a while.
really good music, props!

I´m also 28 have a wonderful kid who is two years now :)
I split from my woman almost year ago.

My advice to you is to really make sure you keep contact with your child. Your child really need you!
Otherwise I think you might become really sorry in the future.

And after splitting try to be friend with your ex.

Btw. Are you the norwegian Scum musician :) I have been searching for your stuff on the net but couldnt find it. I´m really curious and I´m going to come back tomorrow with more comments.

k303: sweet and thanks, in regards to the remix i saw it as a great opportunity to get people to download it by throwing your name in :D, and the credit should be placed where its due! When it comes to your demoscene music i still got most of your tunes. My favourite was “amphetamine” and the down_choir part was actually one of my more defining moments in realizing what could be done with a tracker.

Splajn:My kid(girl) is 2 in october, girl or boy? I shoulda split from my woman 1 year ago :P.

I might have seemed a tad cold in my first post but i assure you i have the deepest love possible for my kid and as much as she needs me i do need her aswell, a day apart is almost a day wasted. But as my gf and i are splitting up i somewhat prepare myself for staying away from them both for an extended period.

Im not sure if im “the” scum musician your reffering to but yes im the “scum music” musician. I think there is another scum in norway tho “scum de la norwege” or something; thats a hardcore band tho. And i believe there is a “scum of the earth” aswell but i think they are from usa. We had a site at www.scum-music.com but we went onto new projects so it died. However we’re both involved in new projects so i doubt we’ll continue with that. Oldschool Breakbeat is somewhat of a dying artform in norway, however im gonna prove them all wrong and make the ultimate beat that will kill old people and make babies cry.

Thanks for sweet feedback :P


sayonara amigos!

yo jel

absolutely ass-whipping collection there! i dig “looter” and “political biproducts” a lot.

the breakbeats unleash alot of energy and love about tricky details.

looking forward to more stuff!