A simple big thank you renoise

hello renoise!

I havent posted here in a while, a few years i think. i wanted to just tell you how thankful i am towards Renoise. Bought a license more than 10 years ago and still use this soft all the time. Definitely the best 50$ ever spent in music ever.

I cannot think moving to other daws, this software is such an achievement, even i dont get half of it ;-).

Thank you Renoise!


Me too. I bought the RENOISE in May of 2010. I watched RENOISE tutorials on youtube and in a few days, I was able to sequence and finish a song… It cost me 70 dollars?

At that time I was using a PC then switched to an IMAC LOGIC PROX(circa 2014 - 2018) I went back to RENOISE in Jan of 2019 because I realized, I was able to finish songs faster than working in linear fashion.

I’m obsessed with RENOISE as a matter of fact lol. When I get home, I turn on my gears and I just start sequencing… It is the best step sequencer I ever had everrrr. Also, when I play in real time and quantize, it sounds very good.

I also love looking at RENOISE as I think it’s so nice to look at with the Matrix scrolling down my sequences…

If RENOISE closes down or don’t produce this software anymore? OMG… I mean OMGGGGG.

Make RENOISE Popular and Hip AGAIN lol.

If people just discover this sequencer and learn it? I think it will take over Ableton.

Yeahhh yeahh blasphemer right lol… No really, I love my RENOISE.


Yup, thankfuI here too. I found Renoise in 2001 (omg, time flies…) and haven’t looked back since :sunglasses:


Also very grateful for such a beautiful program. I can get right on down to making whatever it is I need to make when it comes to anything rhythmic, and it’s so tight. No crashing, no issues. Just works. And it’s highly modifiable. A fantastic sequencer, a very sophisticated sampler, wish I had figured that out two years ago! Now it makes a ton of sense and has helped me get into places musically that I just couldn’t before.

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It is my main sampler… I love chopping vocals in it. I had Ableton before but again that linear sequencing is not for me.

Danke Renoise!
Dank an @taktik

Renoise is BESTE!!:sunglasses::cowboy_hat_face::smiley:

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you know what I really really really dig? say you open up RENOISE and all your gear are all wired.

WHen you press record, you can immediately either step sequence or record live say on a 16 line sequence… Best part? after you live record, it loops… Sooo cool. yes Logic does that but RENOISE is sooooo easy to do and I feel with Logic I have to be sooo technical all the time… WIth RENOISE, i’m all set to make tunes…

Everyday, I’m falling in love more with RENOISE… Something about the interface that I just love so much… It’s soo cool.