A small present for the jungle people


I was searching a long time for that special version of the Think break 3 with that bass sound layered on the kick at the beginning. Googled 1000 times, but never couldn’t find a clean one. Now i gave up and tried re-creating my own clean version of that break. I tried to re-create that bass with different synths and also with a bunch of different bass samples. After long time fiddling around i’ve created my own one and it comes very close to the original, but it sounds still a bit different. I think it’s pretty well usable and i thought some of you also may searching this special version. So i want to share it with you.

Here’s an example of that Think break version:

The break begins at 0:24

And here’s my own re-creation:

original pitch:

5651 Think (Bass) 3.wav

variation of the pitched version:

5652 Think (Bass) 3 pitched.wav

Habby beat slicing!