A Small Renoise/reaktor Session Problem

ive just found my old version of reaktor session,and im playing around with some ensembles using reaktor session in renoise,but ive noticed something strange(i think)

i have a kick sample on track 1,and placed another kick sample on track 2,where i also have placed reaktor session in the instruments settings

the strange thing is,when i solo track 1,i also hear the sound from reaktor,even if thats placed on track 2??

maybe im missing out on something,just thought thats a bit strange???

If you use the same VST instrument on two different tracks, the audio stream from the VSTI will be sound in its whole , this also includes notes that may be on tracks that you muted. You can’t force a VSTI to mute notes being played in one track and to make the other ones sound.

Change the “Default mute mode” option in the Misc/VST preferences to “off” and then try again.

thanx will try that

that nearly did the trick,its still acting weird,but i guess i can live with that,thank you :D