A Speed/bpm Question?

Up till recently I have been using Renoise to write music between 140Bpm & 150Bpm, For example: 150BPM, Speed 03 in Renoise with 32 lines per bar.

But what I wanted to do was double the resolution per bar (ie 64 lines per bar)

So I did a little test. First using my old Song settings, I imported a loop of the amen break, and cued it up so that it was playing seamlessly with these settings (150bpm, speed 03).

I then set the Speed to 1 (yes, so it scrolls really fast, so I could have 64 lines per bar), but this threw out the loop - so it didn’t play seamlessly anymore, and I found that I needed to drop the bpm setting down to 100 before the looped amen played seamlessly again.

My question is…

If I want to use Renoise at speed 1 (to keep the new resolution of a bar at 64 lines) how can I get the bpm right? Is there a quick mathematical way to work it out precisely?



In Renoise, speed controls the the amount of ticks to be played per row. See:


Changing from speed 3 to speed 1, will affect the “real” BPM. It will also will change the result of effects like pitch slide, retrig, note delays, and a whole lot of other things. If you only have one tick per row (speed 1), you limit your effects range in a lot of case (to 1 value).

IMHO, I wouldn’t work at speed 1.

Instead, if you want higher resolution, I suggestion multiplying the BPM (and lines) * 2, or changing the speed from 3 to 6 and quadrupling your BPM. Examples:

150 BPM, SPEED 3, 32 lines -> becomes -> 300 BPM, SPEED 3, 64 LINES -> becomes -> 600 BPM, SPEED 6, 64 LINES, etc.

Good times.

Finally, for more info, click on [Song Settings] and looks at the values in Player Options as you change the speed and bpm. I.E. Speed 3 and 6 give you 8 lines per beat (LPB), where as speed 1 gives you 24 LPB (which is a bizarre time signature).

Conner, that’s awesome mate, thanks very much. Thats sorted the problem out straight away! I knew it was a good idea to just ask here!!


64 lines of speed 3 is not the way to go, drugs are bad!