A Structure For Vst And Vsti

I have sorted my VST plugins in seperate folders.

The VSTs are sorted by flanger, reverb, phaser and some other kinds of FX.
The VSTi are sorted by Strings, Guitars, Orchester, FX and other kinds of Instruments.

If you have many plugins, it is hard to remember, which VST is doing what.
So the suggestion is: a possibility to sort your plugins by their kind of being.
A seperate XML file would be the best, which includes all known VST and VSTi sorted by their kind.
Renoise only shows that plugins you have installed.

P.S. Next weeks I will present a list of those VST and VSTi, which you will get for free. There are more than 400 plugins on my list at the moment. And I think I will find some more, cause that list is 2 years old. It is structured in that way I descriped.

I think it is better, if I create an advanceable list on my website, which could be downloaded as a structured xml. The advantage is, you can find the plugins, cause they are linked. You can get the price and some informations too.

I work a few days to complete my list of Vst FX Plugins. I only searched the internet for the free once and at the moment there are over 500 on my list. Buyware I will search later.
The VSTi I search later too. All together there are over 2000 VST Plugins outthere, I estimate .

Now I will create the program code to make the list a good tool for everybody. Means the community updates the archive.

One of the features is, you can define the compatibility of each plugin with the different hosts, like Renoise.
Cause of the mass of the plugs it takes too much time to test every plugin by one man.

By the way what exactly you do with the CachedVSTs.xml file. Which information you need for what. Maybe I can bring some more information to the XML File. For instance: you can have a litte tool tip with a short descripton of the selected, mouse overed plugin.

Thats really cool if you would do this.

How about categories for what type of plugin it is?
Like delay,EQ,reverb, sampler, FM synth etc…
A main category and subcategories…
and also who made the plugin.

Later this information could be used to make presorted vst(i) lists etc.

Edit: or that was what you did already I guess?
If so, do you just have one category for each plugin?
And the author of the plugin?


That was the idea. There are many lists in the net but, all of them are extremely incomplete and in most cases unstructured. So they are not as usefull as they could.

You will have the possibilities to sort the list by:

  1. company / author
  2. resoultion 16 / 24 / 32 bit
  3. Host VST/DX and so on
  4. operating system
  5. Type of the plugin with an explanation of the type
    and other categories.

I hope, I can release the list with some basic functions in the next two weeks or so.
The hole code, which I figure, takes a bit time more. :)

By the way, what do u mean with subcategories?
Could you give some examples!

It would be great, if you help to colect all the companies which produce VSTi and VST.
A list in the forum should help to make the list the most complete one on earth.