A Stupid Question To French People

How would you spell the sound of the english word “you” in french?

“Illio” has been suggested to me. Would you agree, and if so, does it mean anything?

If its a singular subject, then ‘Tu’. 2nd pronoun dat, ‘Te’.

Kaneel should know a little more about french then me.

Yeah, I was not looking for the translation. “Illioux” you say… that’s even better because from what I gathered from a bit of googling Illioux is a name.

Why did I want to know this? Well…

May I present to you my latest creation: “Monsieur Faques Illioux” :w00t:

And… hmm :huh:

Well… my idea, while it is stupid, was to somehow circumvent the stupid censorship laws of american and british media (most skandinavian media is thank god free from this evil).

If an artist where to incorporate Monsieur Facques Illioux in their lyrics it would be awesome. :) Did I mention I H-A-T-E cencorship. :(

Just to give you an idea of how life can be in a country that is not “free” like the USA. You could use the word “ass” in swedish childrens tv, but I would never hear the word “ass” on David Letterman… That is ladies and gentlemen, ridiculous. :angry: There might be more than foreign policy behind europeans disagreance with american bible-thumping views.

Censorship? Check this out. There’s even a download :)