A Thing Of Beauty!

Got myself a brand new MP3-discman the other day, the iRiver 550! Damn thing is NEATO!! Set me back no more than 1900 NOK ( http://www.xe.com/ucc/ for converting fun), and it has firmware upgrades!! A big WEEEE for playing OGG in my discman!! :D

Wonder when they will get a portable mod-player. Or if Nullsoft gets their asses in gear and start producing some hardware with plugins soon. Would be neato! :)

1064 PLN… Nice sum. I wouldn’t pay so much for a discman, though Iike that it plays ogg.

My old mp3 player costed 111 EUR, I bought it, when euro was quite weak comparing to zloty, it was the cheapest player in whole MediaMarkt back then :). But since then I came into conclusion, that it was a really great piece of technology. Some my friends bought more expensive player and those often were worse than my cheap stuff. I really loved this player! :wub:

But one day my brother wanted to listen a bit, but the player was out of energy. So brother took also a feeder, he didn’t notice it was a wrong feeder…

No electronic machine, which normally should work in 3 V will remain with 11 V feeder connected. That was the end of my great player :( I really miss it.

i can vouch for my philips expanium EXP301. plays mp3 and aac. pretty durable and the sound quality is top notch. i don’t like mp3 players that sound like FM radio. hehe. and right now if you can find it, it’s pretty cheap. 2AAs and it runs like 20h of audio. very sweet.

a bit bulky though, and does not come with ID3 and a remote…

Mine also was a bit weighty, but it had a remote (cable remote) supported ID tags v1 or 2… Oh it was sooooo damn good :(.