A Timesaving Suggestion

one little feature that would be REALLY useful would be to have the opportunity
to “undo last session/take” (…or something), meaning:

let’s say you want to record (with your midi keyboard) a synth solo, ranging over several
patterns, and you want to record it in one take. if you’re not satisfied with your first try, you
have to press ctrl+z like a hundred times… to erase all your recorded notes.

of course, you could just use alt+T on all those patterns and CUT, but if you have some other instruments playing on that same track that would be deleted as well… therefore it would be awesome to have one function that just deleted the “last session”; meaning everything you did from when you turned record on till off.

same goes for if you wanna record your tweaks of some fx through a whole song. maybe you would like to re-do it, and the way it is now, you have to go through all patterns and delete commands/envelopes manually.

maybe an appropriate shortcut would be ctrl+shift+Z? …if it’s not taken…?

I’D LOVE to see this in an update soon… :dribble:

Something similar like a list of actions that you could undo up to a certain point… though this would ofcourse undo the rest as well, but is quicker and not “session” related.

hmm yeah, i think i know what you mean.

the way i’m doing it now, i press delete under ‘track in song’ under advanced edit to clear my last take, but this will also clear everything in the same track earlier in the song, so if i want to i.e. do a second solo later in the song, i would need to create a new track to avoid the problem. that’s why a ‘delete last rec.’ would be so neat…

Specific actions in the past cannot be deleted on it’s sole self.
Try Adobe Photoshop which has similar undo /redo performance.It has this list i was talking about and as soon as you pick a specific step to undo, all the other actions are undone as well.

There are just too much different actions performed in a sequence chain that cannot be undone without affecting later changes and leave you mindboggling how to resolve that.

Also remember that undo was not really meant to perform undoing a sequence recording of notes in a track.
Clearing a last take in your pattern is as simple as just hitting shift-F3 and your track is empty or select specific areas you want to clear and use advanced edit for special filtering if nessesary.

I can understand requests for actions in the sample editor should be stored in a different undo/redo buffer as this part has nothing to do with any other areas in the app (in that case it is inevitable to undo a note sequence recording to e.g. also undo a specific sample cut or fx appliance you did before you performed your recording) but it this is probably very hard to realise.

I don’t think it that hard to implement, it’s just a undo buffering and it’s generally useful, not just for the case. The buffer could be based on time close events and play/stop triggering. The “session” case is related to play/stop triggering I guess. Time close event is generally optimization of (auto) repeated actions or a sequence of fast events. Well, it’s up to Taktik how this actually hard, it depend on the code already done.

The code already done was migraine work if we understood Taktik.
So busting it and redo a lot of things will probably cause a lot of headaches again at least.

yeah, + 1 interest for sure!
this would make a real difference when you’re recording midi notes at the same time as tweaking knobs…I just dont trust my coodination to do all these things at once in a recording environment with the current method of “undo”, as yes, it can take quite alot of time to go through and change things if there are events on the same track you want to keep - so if you stuff up on the first take it can often literally take longer to undo all the changes than it would take to set the entire track up from scratch
I would definately opt for this feature.


+1 here too. It’s a good idea. A “redo buffer” that starts when recording is started. Simply a counter for how many “undos events” should be performed upon Ctrl-z would probably do the trick.

A semi-descriptive list of events would be nice… perhaps the ability to mark off certain events for future reference… then you could roll back to whichever event you want. The descriptiveness might be hard to implement… shrugs