A Tip For The Desperate Multitimbral Vsti Users

hope this is no old news.
will cost you some bucks though ~(€35 or €55)

if you use thalamus you can get energyXT or console fully working in renoise, meaning you get a modular routing environment with perfect multitimbral vsti support inside renoise (or any other host) + some other nice goodies.
i have tried out with energyXT demo and it seems to work fine. automation also worked. and you don’t have to scramble all notes into one track, you can use as much as 64 tracks for sequencing.
however, i haven’t really tried out very deeply since i don’t own it, so who knows, the devil may hide in the detail…

just in case you’re in desperate need of multi-out or modular routing.

From the energyXT website :

  • Fixed a prob with Absynth2 crashing

Seems that Renoise was not the only one :)

This jaltoh’s page is quite interesting. It was allmost an orgasm to read about this “head”-plugin, allowing to record anything from a soundcard into the vst. But it unfortunately crashes here :(