A tool to randomise start point within a range?

having used this tool for a while, I’d recommend two changes…

It would work better if we could apply the values to all notes in the selection, with the ability to select your Effect Value.


I want S Command between ranges of 00-50 for all notes in this sequence.

is this possible?

Of course! I have been implementing this capability within the PRE tool.

It is only necessary to check if there is a note in the same line to change the effect, but not to do anything. The cursor must be in the effect column, where the effect and reference quantity are.

Okay, if thats possible it will improve it.

If we can select notes, then apply a specific command within a range without having to write blank fx commands for all nots, that would be ideal!

Yes, that’s how it works. It is only necessary to set the initial value (line 0) and the final value, (line 511, for example), if you have selected all the pattern of 512 lines. The remains of effect rows may be empty. They would be filled if there are notes in each line.

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Here is an example:
The initial amount is the one entered by the sliding bar (B4 or 89). The final amount, in this case, is 0 or 0, taken from the last line of the pattern of the selected sub-column.

For each effect to be randomized, it will only be necessary to enter the type of effect and only 2 quantities, the initial (selection of the cursor) and the final (the last line of the pattern).

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These capabilities will be available in the next version of my PRE tool that includes this panel with many more options, better than in a drop-down menu.

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Amazing work ma, please give me a shout if you want anyone to test it

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Thank you @midierror! In the next version of the PRE you can try the demo version, this module to manipulate effects parameters. So you can know if it fits what you need. If it is something concrete, it can be integrated in the pull-down menu of this tool.

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