A total [newbie/guru] need your help.

Hello all!

I am a contemporary-classical professional-freelance composer and musician. In general I compose a lot of orchestral music.
I am wandering around the Internet and just interested in some new software that would help me realize my ideas in composing.

Is there anyone from this side (contemporary-classical; not pop/rap/techno/rave/etc…) that use Renoise or Redux for music creation?

I am on Mac 10.6.8
I use mostly Logic (for improvisation recording, both MIDI and audio), Ableton Live (for MIDI effects like: Arpeggiator, Scale, Random…), Finale for notating, and other software for audio editing and notation.

I don’t know what is difference between Logic/Live and Renoise/Redux, and where they excell.
What I am mostly looking after is a powerful MIDI transformator, similar to what is found in Ableton Live: Arpeggiator, Scale, Chord etc plugins, but probably even some more.
I would like to have ability to easily generate a scale, to add a chord, random arpeggio, delay etc.

I would like to be able to record/write automation of these transformations, and finally to export it as MIDI or XML file for further editing/composing/orchestrating.

I am not so much interested of diverse sound-libraries, just a decent Piano sound is OK for me.

Any suggestions, clarifications, ideas I will appreciate extremely much.

All the best and thank you. Composer.

Frankly, I’ve found Musescore with a decent soundfont to be very good for orchestral arrangements: https://musescore.org/ I wouldn’t steer you away from trying with Renoise, but I simply don’t think it’s the tool for what you wish to do. Tracker type software is a “different beast” when it comes to composing and playing music. It really is more suited for contemporary styles like techno, trance, dubstep, etc… I’ve used trackers for years, and while I’m a new user of Renoise, many of the same techniques apply. Keep in mind that with enough time and skill, just about type of music might be possible for a good artist to produce in a tracker, so my opinion is just that. :slight_smile:

Musescore on the other hand, will not only let you notate and fine-tune anything from a simple melody to a full orchestral arrangement. It will export pretty decent midi too. Or, with a good soundfont, you can render the piece from inside Musescore and post work it in something like Audacity if needed.

Thank you.

I know Musescore. I am advanced user of Finale, but I don’t use a notation software for composing/listening.

I need a tool that I can use in real time, which will transform my playing in real-time.

For instance, playing on a MIDI keyboard one note, a plug-in transforms it to a chord, by a given parameters.

Have you tried Cubase? As for the piano, use pianoteq

I think Gova nailed it. As well, a vst like Chordz gives you a “single note, play a chord” capability. http://www.codefn42.com/chordz/index.html

Well, I have to strongly disagree with posts saying renoise is just good for modern styles. There are actually a few here making jazz & fusion with it. I had a whole post on this that seems to have disappeared. So I suppose 99% here are using renoise for modern styles probably because they have never tried anything else & there are no good demo tunes in renoise to promote other genres. BUT…I have dug around & found Classical, Jazz, RnB, Fusion, Funk, Country, Ambient, Chillout, Soul, Bossa, Afro-Cuban & more done in

-Jeskola Buzz (Best current example)


-Fastracker 2 (Best old example)






-Dreamstation 1 & 2

So…I am SURE without a doubt renoise is capable. Like most Trackers though MIDI import is horrible or non-existant.

If you like working with MIDI the best ever prog was Cakewalk Project5 which I still use. Nearly as good but still developed is Presonus Studio One, Best piano roll is in FL Studio with Magix Samplitude as a close second. If you want a ‘scratchpad’ type of DAW I recommend RapidComposer or SoundTrek Jammer Pro…The guy who developed Jammer pro is a great composer & it shows in the demos.