A Trick To Make Renoise Load A Wavefile From Finder?

i’d really like to start up a renoise by selecting a bunch of samples in finder and clicking open with renoise and be taken to renoise with tthose samples loaded. how would i go about doing this?

I dunno if that’s possible but you can start renoise and then drag the sample from the folder to renoise.

yep, thats the other option, but doesnt make work on automator any easier. itd be nice if renoise could receive such stuff from the explorer+finder

Drag and drop is currently the only way that Renoise supports from the finder/explorer, yet they are limited meaning:Dragging samples into Renoise will create a new instrument for each sample, you cannot drag multiple samples into one instrument or extend an instrument by dragging one or more samples into it.
At least on Windows this limitation is valid.

Guess somebody with programming knowledge could create a script that made a .xrns file with no pattern data and the selected files allocated to the first instrument slots. Wouldn’t be that fast or neat though, as would have to zip everything first and all.

I don’t know why you would want to do this. But since you talk about automator, it might sound like you want to have a default set of samples when you start Renoise.

If this is the case. You can just drag the samples/instruments in the positions you want them. And then go to Song Settings and click the Save button under Template Song.

If this is not the case. Just ignore my reply :)

nope, not a default set of samples, i’d be using the template for that. ideally i’d like to use renoise to find loop start + loop end points via sample length, from various folders, on the fly, i think renoise would be the easiest for that (for me). its just a case of loading these 6 or those 30 samples into renoise and going through them in the sample-editor looking for a specific loop point or loop end point, perchance chopping them up and saving the smaller versions.

funny how these reconnect back to eachother… reveal dragged-insample’s folder in disk browser